About Waihi

Waihi is located at the Southern end of New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula.

Our Landscape

The extremely diverse topography of the Waihi region provides a rich playground for all to enjoy. Our native bush, the breathtaking Karangahake Gorge and the nearby white-sand stretches of Waihi Beach are just a few of the natural resources that we enjoy.

Community and Business

Waihi has strong community development initiatives in place, including those supporting culture and heritage, the arts and fitness and well-being. Our region boasts a diverse group of businesses involved in a wide range of ventures, from tourism to dairy and dry-stock farming.


As well as a thriving present-day community, the town and surrounding region has a rich and fascinating history. Part of this history includes over 100 years of mining of gold and silver. Our present day mining operations (both open-cast and underground) exist alongside examples of the old methods of gold and silver extraction. Just one of the reasons Waihi is New Zealand's 'Heart of Gold'.

Our pioneers weren't just involved in mining however. Last century saw Waihi in the forefront of work on radio and television development and manufacturing.