The 2022 New Zealand Garden Bird Survey starts today Waihi!

The 2022 New Zealand Garden Bird Survey starts today Waihi!

This year’s New Zealand Garden Bird Survey runs from 25 June – 3 July 2022.

Why not contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand’s longest-running citizen science survey by getting out into your garden or local park and counting birds for an hour between today and next Sunday as part of this year’s New Zealand Garden Bird Survey?

The data you collect is used to understand what’s going on for our native and introduced birds in the places we live. Are some species in decline, and if so, where? Are others doing well? Are our native birds making a comeback in urban areas? Your data will help to answer all these questions.

Many people who take part say they experience a significant feeling of satisfaction knowing they are contributing to a collective project. You can even call yourself a scientist for an hour – a citizen scientist, that is! You won’t need a lab coat – some warm clothes and a mug of tea are best – although you will need a pen, and a tally sheet that you can download from the NZ Garden Bird Survey website.

Birds are active all year round, but in winter, when wild food is more scarce, they will tend to come into gardens to feed. This means that we get a better picture of what birds are present in your local environment.

Although it’s cold, you can warm yourself up with a thermos of tea, a woolly hat and the warm glow of satisfaction that you’re contributing to a huge group effort!