COVID-19 Newsletter #1

COVID-19 Newsletter #1

GO Waihi brings you this update on what’s going on in the community to support local Business and Community Groups. Now is a good time to catch up on webinars and additional training which can help us all be resilient coming out of the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown. 

Check out the Te Waka webpage

Te Waka have been working hard to provide support to Businesses during this crisis. Some businesses my be struggling with Cash Flow, continued support for staff, health and wellbeing, and what to do next once restrictions have been lifted. There is a range a webinars each week covering these topics, make sure you register to attend these today.Make sure to like the Te Waka facebook page, as well as get on to their webpage to see whats new this week.

  • Mighty Local - Directory of businesses in the Waikato region still providing a service
  • Waikato Job Matching - website listing vacancies and registering job seekers.

Marketplace from NZTE

We have seen in the last 3 weeks a large number of cases where, due to COVID-19 businesses have been impacted. They may (sadly) have people (both highly skilled and less so) who they can no longer pay or machines/warehouses/offices/vehicles sitting idle. There are also companies we are seeing who are desperately needing people, machines and other resources etc. An example is a nano-fibre company in West Auckland who are turning their hand to making nano-fibre PPE gear … but they need skilled machine technicians and certain machines.

As a result, an online marketplace has been set up for ANY New Zealand business to match offers and requests for resources. Grateful if you spread this link far and wide to help keen New Zealanders employed and NZ businesses running.

Community News with no Print Media

In light of our community newspapers not being published during COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown we would appreciate it if you would help us get important information out to our Hauraki communities. Here is some essential service information that we’d really appreciate being shared with your family, friends, membership networks, or even phoning those that do not have access to the internet and keeping them up to date.

Other ways you can stay in the loop
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