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Echo Walking Festival

Upcoming Events / Echo Walking Festival

NOTE: This event is dated in the PAST. Upcoming dates will be posted once confirmed.

Echo Walking Festival 08 April 2021 - 28 April 2021 Image: Homunga to Waihi Beach

Venue: Various

Times: Various

Phone: 021 223 7295




ECHO Walking Festival Objectives:

Our goals are:

  • To enable local residents to take part in walks in their local parks and reserves.
  • To highlight the benefits of regular exercise.
  • To increase awareness and use of local parks and reserves.
  • To promote local tourism

Through the Festival, we want to encourage all New Zealanders to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, to appreciate the attractions of our region, and to keep fit and active.

Registration Policy

You must book any walk, cycle, kayak and any other activity that you wish to participate in.

The Festival is a non-profit event which relies heavily on volunteers, and donations to help pay for the organisation and promotion of the month-long event.

Checkout the various walks to see which ones appeal to you

Any contribution received towards ECHO is greatly appreciated and helps to ensure the success and continuation of the festival.


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