Update July 11

Posted by GO Waihi on 11/07/2018

One Black Friday comes along for the last time this year today. I hope it’s a successful, enjoyable, superstition-free, lucky and positive day! Just don’t break a mirror or walk under a ladder. The school holidays have kept parents busy. Throw in some wet weather and the occasional cooler temperature and I reckon it’s the ideal time to pull out the games; a lot of fun, inexpensive and far better than tidying the room and helping around the house. Here’s a challenge for the kids, ditch the electronics for one day. Parents could try this one too.

Waihi’s had a month of Matariki Celebrations marking the Maori New Year and it doesn’t just happen. In my last column I inadvertently mentioned all the mahe that goes on behind the scenes. Well it’s the mahi or work that gets done I was referring to, not mahe, the Maori sinker used in fishing. Lesson learnt, check your spelling Brian. Thanks heaps to all those involved in bringing the Community Celebration, Hikoi, Tapuwai Tournament and Dawn Viewing together, from the schools to Otawhiwhi Marae. There are the teachers, teacher aides, the children themselves and parents and caregivers that get in and support this unique New Zealand celebration. If you’ve lifted a finger, or more, this is a well done to you!

Waihi Beach Coastguard is looking for more volunteer radio operators and last Sunday had an Open Day. It’s not too late to find out what’s involved in helping save lives at sea, just phone the Waihi Beach Coastguard Secretary to find out more on 07 863 4090. Full training’s provided, they pay for your courses and they’re a good bunch of people doing a great job.

This playhouse is top of the line. Worth $3000 it’s being raffled to help 3-year-old Waihi girl Ocean to get to America for an operation to help her walk. Tickets are $10 or three for $25 with the raffle drawn on Saturday August 25. 100% Waihi and Clarks Pharmacy in Rosemont Rd have the tickets and you’ll see the playhouse at any number of places around the district so buy a ticket if you can and help Project Ocean.

A fun afternoon’s being organised by Waihi Bluelight this Tuesday from 1 pm to 3 pm with a Scooter Competition. On at the skate bowl in Morgan Park along Clarke St, there’ll be some fun, hot action and prizes too. Take your scooter and have a go or get along and cheer them on.

Entry forms for the GO Waihi Trolley Derby will be up soon on our website. It’s coming up on Saturday 6 October during Goldfest. The Trolley Derby is open to all ages and is free to enter. A little prep now is a good idea, then it’s just some practice and you’re on track for some good fun. There’re the fast and furious, not so fast and funny, the ‘just giving it a go because it’s fun’ and the Open Class where anything goes, so get thinking outside the square and you might win a prize for the craziest cart.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Which is worse, ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?