Update November 29

Posted by GO Waihi on 29/11/2017

A pinch and a pat on the back for the first of the last month! The countdown is definitely on with Christmas looming, the New Year as well and sooo many jobs still to get done. I might have to put them into 2018’s file! I hope your plans for the holiday season are coming along and they don’t depend totally on the weather. Here we are on the last day for senior exams, so it’s holiday time for lots. There are the brave bods already swimming, others getting some tan lines with the sunshine behind that cloud and me, with the cold, or is it the flu? Thanks to whoever shared it, I aim not to, but no promises. Fingers crossed it’s short lived because I have to catch-up with Santa soon and I don’t want him to get it!

The Rainbow Welcome with GO Waihi was last Saturday at Victoria or Rocket Park and what a fantastic turnout. Kids getting their faces painted, everyone enjoying the free sausages, music with Kristian Lund went down a treat and so did all the prizes for those who found a rainbow coloured rock hidden by Waihi Rock Hunters Club. It was a fun time with hundreds enjoying probably Waihi’s oldest park with its new addition.

It’s just over a week and a day until GO Waihi’s Christmas Parade with Harcourts Waihi next Saturday December 9. Be part of a special day for many, it’s one of those experiences that stays with you for life. And think about the fun! We have people of all ages walking, on trailers, backs of trucks, on bikes and even inline skates. It gets underway at 1 pm and goes through the centre of Waihi. Grab a float entry form from the HDC Service Centre and Library in Rosemont Rd, Harcourts in upper Seddon St, Gold FM on the corner of Seddon and Haszard Sts or on line at www.waihi.org.nz. All the info’s there so get some mates and friends together and DO IT!

It’s a great sign to have just about all the stall sites spoken for, and a nice mix of stalls we have. If you have stock the shops don’t have then be quick if you’d like a stall. They close on Monday so we have time to sort where they all go alongside all the shops and their sales and specials. Add in some music, raffles and food and refreshments to suit any taste and you’re on track for a great morning leading up to the Christmas Parade at 1 pm. The Christmas Market gets underway around 9 am so get your shopping done, and look for one or two for a birthday, wedding or yourself. Stall application forms are at HDC’s Service Centre and Library in Rosemont Rd, Gold FM in the corner of Seddon and Haszard St and here online. Just $15 gets you in.

Quietly behind the scenes the ECHO team has been working on the walks around our area for April next year. The walks will vary from an hour or so to a full day and the grades range from the starters favourite grade 1 to the trampers challenging grade 5. All based from Coromandel to the Kaimai Ranges there are lots you can’t do any other time. We’ll let you know when the walk descriptions are ready on the web, if things go to plan it should be before Christmas.

Over the last week or three Waihi has featured a bit on TV. We had Aileen Chambers feature on TV1 with her collection of about 1000 salt and pepper shakers, and then we were on again with the mining story soon after. Add in the weather which features Waihi every night and we’re getting some good coverage, and rightfully so. We’re a great place to live, work and play, so close but far enough away from the big smoke and a fantastic place to base yourself while exploring the Coromandel, Hauraki and further afield. Some come on holiday and end up staying; a good move! Great shops, plenty of food outlets, there’s 22 in the CBD alone, and the bush and beach at our back door are always beckoning too.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: The longer you keep your temper the better it will get.