Update January 8

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Happy New Year, I hope you saw it in the way you wanted – some snoozing through it, others up to welcome in what will hopefully be a positive and happy year with some goals achieved. Some down time to enjoy ‘the moment’, and lots of laughs and happy times sounds good to me. It’s back to work for lots, while others are still wrapping up the break and yet more are set to take over after working through the break. Wherever you fit in take it easy on the roads with the influx of visitors continuing across January, as well as the wheels of industry getting the jobs done around the Coromandel. Waihi’s had a great break with lots of visitors enjoying its close proximity to so many things. A big hi to holiday makers and here’s to a great year!

Around the Waihi district there’s a lot to see and do, and there’s a lot of history too. The Waihi New Zealand’s Heart of Gold brochure put out by GO Waihi has it encapsulated, or at least a short history of the region, along with places to see, things to do, where to stay and eateries and the like. It’s a great starting point for your visit, with a brief background to the area through to maps including the Karangahake Gorge, and where some of the touristy things are. There’s plenty for all tastes to enjoy, and with everything from boutique shopping in our mall without walls to hitting the beach and bush, it’s all just a few minutes away. The just updated brochures are in lots of shops and businesses and well worth grabbing for a background to the town as well as suggestions of how to fill your time here. And they’re free, did I mention that?!

That is a good start to a description of Athenree Homestead, which by the way is open every Sunday. It’s just south of the Athenree Gorge along Athenree Rd, heading out to Waihi Beach. Take the opportunity to view the grounds, have a guided tour of the homestead and get your picture taken in vintage clothing, as per the setting. Not to forget the railway station cafe with a nice selection of food, including Devonshire teas. All money raised goes to the restoration of the homestead. Hours are 10 am to 3 pm, and book for the photos on 07 863 4363.

A reminder about Waihi’s colourful history is just a block or two away from the main street of Waihi, in Kenny St. They’re open each day across January from midday to 3 pm, when the volunteers will welcome you, answer any questions you might have and leave you to have a good look around at some very interesting past happenings. Then right alongside is the Lee-Johnson Art Gallery with a good display of well known artists and styles. Just a gold coin gets you into one side, and the other wouldn’t mind a donation to help cover costs if you don’t mind.

Using a mix of mediums like oil, pastel, resin, watercolour and acrylics there’s a good variety of art on display today through to Sunday at Waihi Beach Community Centre on Beach Rd. Featuring well known local artists with a range of abstract, representational and contemporary artworks, many have contributed to the special display of ‘glimpses from around the beach’. All art is for sale and there are artists at work across the exhibition. Bosom Buddies will be in charge of the sausage sizzle, they’re open each day from 10 am and 4 pm and it’s just a gold coin entry.

Waihi Lions Community Diary, the only one you’ll reach for with all your local phone numbers and contact details is on hold briefly as Waihi streets get the makeover. New street names and numbering means the phone book will be right up to date when it comes out late January or early Feb.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Motivation gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.