Update February 18

Posted by Go Waihi on 18/02/2016

And whose idea was it for a five day working week? I managed just fine with four on and three days off and I’m happy to start a petition to get a referendum underway to do 40 hours as requested over the shorter period if I get enough support. If only I had enough time in my five day working week to actually do it. Schools are settling in with lots of outdoor activities to start the year. We’re lucky to have some colour to the pastures considering what the landscape looks like towards Hamilton. A bit of rain’s welcome, so let’s soak it up and keep a smile on. Speaking of on, there’s plenty on as always so let’s check out what’s coming up.

Played Bridge before? If the answer’s yes, no or a long time ago, then you’re welcome to join the Waihi Bridge Club. They welcome all players, from first timers to the experienced to their club at 57 Union St Waihi. They meet a couple of times a week, on Monday evenings from 7 pm and Thursday afternoons from 1 pm. They even have some lessons planned for March / April so register your interest. Call in, or contact Go Waihi for their contact details.

The talk by local Waihi woman Bronwyn Spurr this coming Wednesday will see a good start to the year for the Waihi Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists. If you’ve ever wondered where your family history lies then get along for a few tips on how to find out more. They’re meeting at the Waihi Bridge Club Hall in Union St starting at 1 pm and it’s just $2 for members, $3 for non members and the annual membership won’t break the bank at $5. What’s the history to your family name?

We say it every year, book early for these ECHO Walking Festival walks because some fill up very quickly. The website will tell you which walks are already full, and that’s where you register too. Full descriptions of all walks are there, and in the brochure to be found in a shop, business or store near you. Between March 19 and April 10 there are over 40 walks and more to challenge you, educate, relax and amaze you. All free apart from travel costs and all guided, you’ll come away better informed about what we call our backyard and fitter too. Check out www.echowalkfest.org.nz, and BOOK EARLY!

Each third Saturday of the month Waihi Memorial Hall is transposed into a Market Wonderland, both indoors and street side with the Waihi Lions Market. Hey, that’s this Saturday, why not get along and see what you can find. There’s always a good selection of fresh produce together with all sorts of treasures. Be ready for a start around 9 am.

Waihi’s about to get their numbers sorted and a few street names as well. From March 1 numbering on a lot of streets will change and several streets will change name too. All numbers will go from low to high starting from the town centre, and those affected have been informed so they can inform those they need to – power, phone, friends, lotto ... well here’s hoping! Details are at www.hauraki-dc.govt.nz/renumbering, or call 08001MARCH, that’s 0800 162 724 to see if your number’s up. This affects 650 properties and about 1400 individuals.

Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop on Wednesday March 30 has some space for stalls to add even more flavour to our start to the five day celebration of everything hot roddy and classic to do with cars, people and music. We’ll package it into a day to remember and you could add to the day with a stall that stocks products the shops don’t. Application forms are out in Waihi at HDC’s Service Centre and Library in Rosemont Rd and at Gold FM on the corner of Seddon and Haszard Streets. They’re also here on our website. With over 10,000 potential customers I’d get a crack on.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: I’m not lazy, I’m industriously challenged!