Update March 4

Posted by Go Waihi on 04/03/2015

A few barbecues later and here we are again. The water’s warm, the fruit’s ripe and the sun sets in the west. Getting out and about seems to be a good thing with the extended summer, but a few wet ones will do some good. Welcome if you’re visiting New Zealand’s holiday capital, we’re proud to present ... a heck of a lot. Here’s a sampling of some things to do when you can fit it in to your busy schedule, or alternatively, change plans. Yep, I know, it’s about prioritising so put these at the top of your ‘to do’ list. Mud, music, motorcars and fashion memories all feature so here we go.

Waihi Scouts cordially invite you to their annual Mudslide Day on Saturday. You’ll be treated to three slides of varying speed and muddy pools, and a good first coating of your old shoes and clothes. We’d also recommend the mud obstacle course to test your abilities against ... the mud; second coating happily supplied. Upon completing this, your next mission is to attempt the swing rope bridge, but only so far, the clean stream water waits to help clear the muddy waters. On completion, use the changing rooms and then enjoy the refreshments the scouts will be selling. Head south towards Tauranga just past the beach turn off, you’ll see the signs on the right. Loads of parking, 9.30 am to 3 pm and enjoy.

Dress for success and dance your socks off at Waihi’s Warm up Party for Beach Hop on Wednesday 25 March. Let you hair down, or put it up and enter the Best Dressed Competition. Guys, Waitete Restaurant, Ice Creamery and Cafe have dinner sorted for you and a friend and Diamonds On Seddon have a fantastic prize for the ladies. Enter at Go Waihi Beach Hop Central, in the old library in Seddon St. Dancing is hard not to do with the music from the three bands playing in the Pumphouse, in Rosemont Rd and at Waihi’s Memorial Hall. No-one will go hungry with all the choice of cafes, restaurants and eateries, and if you don’t go home with a bargain or more with the sales and specials in the shops and at the stalls through town, I’ll eat my lunch.

These hot rods and classic cars will create the backdrop to Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop with MacMahons (Matha Mine contractors) and Thiess (Correnso underground contractors). It’s the hard core’s first outing of Beach Hop with hundreds of cars descending on Waihi’s CBD for the day at 10.30 am. The Best Classic Car and Hot Rod trophies are unique, the bases are from about 250 metres below ground, a big thanks to Newmont Waihi Gold for these fantastic one off collectables. Prize giving is at 2.15 pm in front of the Waihi Memorial Hall. Will your picks be the same as the judges?

What makes this Waihi? That’s your task for the Go Waihi Warm Up Party for Beach Hop Photo Competition. Take your shots across our day on Wednesday March 25 and feature that Waihi WOW factor. Then it’s up to the judges to choose the winning shot which will take away a state of the art Sony camera worth around $1300. Cool prize eh! Free to enter you’ll have a couple of weeks to sort your pics before close off, but at least now you can make plans to get ‘that shot’ that could see you with a brand spanking new camera compliments of Sony, Beach Hop and Go Waihi.

Picture three guys dressed in their mother-in-law’s best Sunday outfit, or some other ill-fitting garments as chosen by the wise ones, running up and down Seddon St in Waihi. A mining town gone mad? Nope, it’s the Gold FM Drag Race on Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop day, Wednesday 25 March; proud Kiwi blokes doing what they know is right, required and downright fun. Booby prizes for all with BananaPepper, some weird ways of winning other prizes like coming last, catching the judge’s eye with your outrageous outfit, or just the fact you have the guts to do it. Download an entry form at www.waihi.org.nz, call in to HDC’s Service Centre and Library in Rosemont Rd, phone go Waihi on 07 863 3030 or email us, and dress to kill.

All three days the stages are set to entertain you at Dickey’s Flat. Kids, families, everyone’s catered for with everything from a fire performance to Trinity Roots. Loads of different styles of music, lantern making, an African dance and drums workshop, yoga, poetry, more music and you can even learn about solar power and how to convert your diesel to vege fuel. Their website has details: www.sundaise.co.nz

You’re invited to a service in remembrance of babies who’ve passed away from miscarriage, abortion and still born, and in recognition of those who grieve their loss. It’s this Tuesday at Gilmour Lake starting at 6 pm.


  • Rehab is for quitters.
  • It takes a lot of balls to play golf like I do.