Update January 29

Posted by Go Waihi on 29/01/2015

And there goes January, just like that. It’s been a summery month and with Waitangi Day next Friday that holiday mode will continue for just a little longer hopefully. Schools are setting up for another year with various starting dates, while some people are thinking now would be a good time to take a holiday, when things aren’t quite so busy. Nice one! The start of February could be good for another new month resolution, possibly similar to the New Year one. It’s just starting to get darker a little earlier, not that I’m wishing away the late afternoons, they’re great to enjoy the outdoors, the end of daylight saving in the first weekend of April will bring a quick reminder that the cooler months will sneak up soon enough. And isn’t that Easter Weekend?

Go Waihi’s Business After 5 meetings get underway for 2015 with a visit to the historic Victoria Battery site in Waikino. This coming Wednesday just after 5 pm Waihi business owners and managers are invited to meet the volunteers and see around this area that’s full of history. There’s a narrow gauge train, the underground museum and kiln tunnels to check out, and Wendy Harris, the senior planner with Hauraki District Council, will talk to us about businesses that need to have a resource consent for what they do but perhaps don’t have one. She’ll explain the process, and that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get one. Add a little catch up time to have a chat with others and you should be on your way home around 6.30 pm, or just after. Please register so the team know how many to expect by phoning or emailing Go Waihi – contact details are just over there.

Waihi Community Resource Centre is hosting a five week Creative Empowerment Programme starting this Monday. Between 10 am and 12.30 pm each Monday you’ll learn skills to set goals and stay motivated, identify problem solving strategies and overcome financial difficulties and work towards financial independence. Incorporating creativity, fun, relaxation and personal development the workshops will also show you how to enhance your communication skills and create a network of support to help achieve your goals. Contact WCRC for more information and to register.

Better still, if you can offer your services to help with Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop give Go Waihi a call or email us. It’s Day One of Beach Hop and a big day in Waihi. Hundreds of hot rods and classic cars and thousands of people, all in Waihi for the day, so it’s good to get plenty of volunteers so everyone works a little and also gets some time off to see what’s going on, and there’s a lot! Looking after barriers, making sure everyone’s OK, it’s nothing too strenuous, but a very important job. It’s a lot of fun too so why not get in touch and help out, and enjoy the fantastic day lined up on Wednesday 25 March. A big thanks to BananaPepper for coming on board again with refreshments for all the volunteers, great town spirit.

Mix the two ingredients above and you’ve got a great day getting down and dirty with the Waihi Scouts Annual Mudslide. Early March and it’s out with the old clothes and a pair of the same vintage footwear to take on several mudslides and a lovely walk in the park. OK, maybe it’ll be more of a challenge wending your way through a stream, obstacles and, you guessed it, more mud, but you’re up for it eh?! It’s a fund raiser for the scouts and a great day for everyone who’s happy to wallow in the satisfaction of conquering the challenge. Tell you more soon, and a word of advice from one in the know, keep your mouth shut as you slip slide your way down ... if you can!

Wednesday 25 March will see hundreds of hot rods and classic cars parked up for the day in Waihi. Add thousands of people there to enjoy the live bands playing through town, dancing in the streets, lots of people dressed in rock and roll gear and a real fun atmosphere. We’ve got a great variety of shops offering boutique shopping, and adding to that we’ll have a good mix of stalls. If you’d like a site on the day and you sell things that are different to the shops, contact Go Waihi for an application form. It’s going to be a great day.

Every Monday J P’s are at the Hauraki District Council Service Centre and Library in Rosemont Rd between 11 am and 1 pm. Pen at the ready, they’re available to sign statutory documents and that sort of thing for Waihi and Waihi Beach residents. Call in if you need a document signed, it’s a free service. Ian has details on 863 5487.


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