Update January 22

Posted by Go Waihi on 22/01/2015

Well here we are again an ice cream or two later. Not to mention a cold drink nearby – thank you ice cube inventor, the sunscreen emptying more daily and the hat’s getting a bit peaky with all the use – pardon the pun. I’m not sure if we’ll get through the weekend without some wet but it’ll kind of be welcome with the dry recently, and the smell of fresh rain just adds to the experience. Gardens are producing nicely, visitors should be pretty relaxed, roads are flat out again and we’ve got that extra day off to enjoy. Well all but those who are keeping wheels turning, the hospitals, shops, taxis, essential services, my local takeaway bar – and probably yours, all the other eateries and those making sure deliveries get through, the petrol stations ... actually it doesn’t leave a lot to go on holiday. We thank you, the worker. Now back to relaxing in one of the best places to relax in. But then again, there are a few things on you might like to stretch the legs and get along to.

With the sun so hot it wouldn’t be good for paintings so the team at Art Waihi are going indoors to the Waihi Memorial Hall Friday, Saturday and Sunday with their Summer Art Exhibition. Take some time to browse all the art work on display between 10 am and 4 pm, go back for a second look, and maybe, if one catches your eye, you might like to add it to your art collection, or start one. An added bonus are artist Val Tubman, sculpture / woodworker Gary Weir, multimedia artist Christine Burns and potter Kim Dye along with other local artists working on site, and they’re happy to answer your questions and share their knowledge. A gold coin is all it will cost you apart from time, and possibly a ticket or two in their raffle!

Waihi Waterlily Gardens are opening their gates on Sunday for their Twilight picnic and music in the garden. $5 gets you in for some good old fashioned jazz by the Codgers, who apparently are pretty old fashioned too. You can take a picnic, a blanket or chair, definitely a friend or three and take some time to wind down during our Anniversary Weekend. Between 4 pm and 8 pm you can enjoy 15 acres of beautiful gardens, and there’ll be food and refreshments available. Enjoy the cool late afternoon temperatures and the cooler jazz and park like grounds, and a day off the day afterwards to enjoy sounds good too.

Don’t tell everyone but you can enjoy Waihi Art Centre and Museum’s Floral Fiesta Summer Exhibition any day between midday and 3 pm, every day of January. That kind of means time’s running out to go to the Lee-Johnson Gallery to check out the WACMA display. Free is good, although a donation if you feel it’s worth it would be great. Air conditioning on a hot summer’s day is good too. Free parking right outside is great, the museum ready for viewing for just a few bucks right in the same building is pretty cool and easy to find? You bet, they’re in Kenny St 50 metres from State Highway 2, Rosemont Rd.

Sundays between 10 am and 3 pm through January and February you can get the lot at the historic Athenree Homestead, just around a corner or two along Athenree Rd off state SH2 and the Athenree turnoff. Take a picnic and tour the homestead for only $5, and take the opportunity to get a selfie and a someone elsie or two with you dressed in vintage costume. There are plenty of outfits to choose from for adults and children and the Devonshire teas are just $6 at the new historic station cafe.

Don’t miss the thrills, excitement and fun of Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop. Check your diary and be in Waihi Wednesday 25 March for Day One of Beach Hop. Hundreds of classic cars and hot rods vying for the trophies come in convoy from Whangamata for the day, to be met by hundreds more already in Waihi, ready to rock and roll. With three bands playing throughout town it’s hard not to. Dress for the best dressed male and female competitions, and enjoy dancing in the streets. Be prepared for the Gold FM Drag Race at lunch time in the centre of town, this you’ve got to see to believe. Bring a few bucks ‘cos there’s a heap to buy at all the shops with their super sales, and stalls galore to add to the selection. You won’t go hungry with an excellent selection of food and refreshments to look after your hunger pangs. We’re ready to rev it up, are you?

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Be kind to your friends, if it weren’t for them you’d be a total stranger.