Update January 13

Posted by Go Waihi on 13/01/2015

Are you tired of these 5 day working weeks? Do you need a couple of three day weekends to really get into the holiday spirit again? I know, let’s make next weekend an Anniversary Weekend with an extra day, and Waitangi Day on Friday 6 February the following week means we’d better sort the work load a little earlier too. It’s back into the school year around then too, so let’s make the most of the fine summer weather and keep the barbecue humming, the jandals nearby, sunscreen at the ready and that holiday feel to the fore while we do the everyday things that have to be done. Reports I’ve had confirm it’s been a busy summer for lots of shops, cafes and eateries, and it hasn’t stopped yet. We are so lucky to have it all here, and realistically we’re not too far away from over half of New Zealand’s population, and they’re starting to latch onto the idea of holiday mode at work is OK.

Waihi Youth Centre is the centre for all sorts of activities as they open their doors through the holidays for youth between 5 and 16, him and her, to enjoy and take part in. Tried jammin’ song writing before? Here’s your chance. How about some basketball, skateboarding and touch rugby? There’s also kapahaka and other games to enjoy. Call in with your children and see what’s happening and register them to have some fun through January. You’ll find the new centre on the corner of Kenny and Mueller Streets in Waihi.

Ceilidh is a traditional Gaelic dance that’s going to feature Saturday night at Waikino’s Victoria Hall with their second Waikino Summer Ceilidh. Dance steps come from a Ceilidh caller and dance moves are all yours to do. Learn as you go and help raise funds for the upkeep of the historic hall. Music will be provided by the Hairy Coo Ceilidh band and local muso’s, things get underway at 7 pm, it’s a BYO for refreshments and you get all this for just $20. Oh, Ceilidh is pronounced like Haylee, only with a K instead of the H I’m told.

Take a walk with ECHO Walking Festival in March and April. 40 plus walks, some stand up paddle boarding, a boat trip for an overnighter on an island – it’s all on offer with this year’s selection, and weekends, week days and nights are all involved. Pick and mix, book early for ones that have maximum numbers and tell a friend, in fact invite them along. Brochures in lots of outlets around the Peninsula have the walk details and our website has the link to full versions and you can book on line too. Levels range from 1, easy, to 5 for the hardy and experienced, and times range from a couple of hours through full days to an overnighter or two. They’re all guided and it’s free, except for travel expenses - and we won’t say no to donations to help cover costs if you enjoy yourself.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday across the long Anniversary Weekend will be an interesting time to visit the Waihi Memorial Hall with Art Waihi’s Summer Exhibition. There’ll be plenty of variety of art on display, and for sale too, as well as guest artists Gary Weir who’s a sculptor / wood worker, multimedia artist Christine Burns and Kim Dye, a potter all working on site. Add in well known local artist Val Tubman and you’ve got some great reasons to call in anytime between 10 am and 4pm and enjoy viewing lots of local artists’ pieces they’ve created. Take some dollars for the raffle and it’s just a gold coin (or more if you like) to get in.

Waihi’s gearing up to host Day One of Beach Hop and on Wednesday March 25 the town will be full of hot rods and classic cars, people enjoying the live bands, rock and roll dancing in the streets, the Gold FM Drag Race and a ton of bargains in the shops and stalls through town. Food? Not a problem, it’s going to be awesome. We already have the handy help of the Waihi Lions as marshals, and it would be handy to have a few more volunteers to help lighten their load if possible. If you’d like to help it means we can rotate duties with some time off to look around. If you’re free and can commit to the cause then get in touch with Go Waihi. One day, from around 8 am until about 3.30 pm and a smile’d be handy.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it.