Update February 24

Posted by Go Waihi on 24/02/2015

I got a shock at that wet stuff falling out of the sky the other day., and didn’t it smell nice! I watered the garden, washed the car, gave the house roof a wash down and even ran around jumping up and down singing rain rain go away ... OK maybe that last part was a bit over the top but the rest I did from the comfort of my chair. We’ll be down to 4 to 5 weeks for daylight saving and Easter is at about the same time, you can tell with the Easter eggs out already. Actually I saw my first one on sale before Christmas. Read on for some good ideas on what to do with your spare time over the coming weeks, there’s plenty comoing up

At Waihi’s International Academy in Landlyst Rd on Saturday people will be trying things they may never have tried before, like blowing a tiny bamboo flute, shadow puppetry and straw art. Listen to the Millennium Orchestra with their ancient Chinese instruments and enjoy the Contemporary Taiwanese Art Exhibition with patchwork bags, lantern art and more on display. You’ll also enjoy lunch and everything is included in the $35 price, or $30 per person for groups of ten or more. Tickets are available at Take Note in Paeroa and Gold FM in Waihi for cash, and also at the Academy, where you can buy them tomorrow. It runs from 10 am to 3.30 pm.

This Wednesday just after 5 pm Waihi business owners and managers are off camping, well kinda. Waihi Motor Camp is our Business After 5 venue, 10 acres of park like grounds. You’ll get to drool over one of the prize vehicles being given away at Beach Hop when Noddy brings it along and gives us the latest info. St John Waihi also has a presentation, and Go Waihi will give you an update of the general kind. A few nibbles and refreshments later and you’ll be heading home after catching up with other business folk. A quick email or phone call to Go Waihi to register would be appreciated.

That’s the operative word ... party. Another is fun, yet another is enjoy ... we could keep rolling them out. Put it this way, combine about 800 plus hot rods and classic Beach Hop cars, 10,000 people in about a four block zone, three bands pumping out the rock and roll and lots of people dancing to the music and you’ve got Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop from 10 am to 3’ish. We should mention if you dress for the occasion there’s a lovely dinner for two at Waitete Restaurant Cafe and Ice Creamery and a fantastic prize from Diamonds On Seddon to win. Add the great selection of shops with sales and specials and lots of stalls along with food and drinks and you just need some cash or your card and you’re set. And bring your camera, you might win a brand new Sony camera if you take THE shot that depicts the Waihi scene in all its glory. There’s a challenge.

Out they come, all the Sunday bestest, that frock to shock, the dress to kill and the occasional fashion disaster that could see you win a prize. The Gold FM Drag Race happens at lunchtime on Wednesday 25 March, Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop day. Big hairdo’s, bigger eyelashes and even bigger bravado, all with a handbag for the baton OK! Three blokes to a team, fun’s the name of the game and first home will get a prize that’s probably similar in value to the last past the post, the funniest outfit, the most alluring makeup and just for being there to wow the crowds. Entry forms are at HDC’s Waihi Service Centre and Library in Rosemont Rd, Gold FM offices upstairs at 17 Haszard St and here on our website. Go on DO IT, I dare you!

With a little more rain the mud pools will be full well in advance of Saturday March 7 for the Waihi Scouts all important fundraising Mudslide Day. Not just 3 mud slides, oh no, there’s the mud obstacle course as well as a swing rope bridge, yes swing, for you to take on as well. Food and refreshments will be available, along with a changing tent or two. Old clothes are a must, like the old shoes, and some cash for the bangers and other food isn’t a bad idea. $5 gets you as much fun as you can handle between 9.30 am and 3 pm behind the Gun Club, just south of Waihi and the beach turn off, you’ll see the signs on the right. And there’s a ton of free parking too.

On Saturday 15 to 20 vintage tractors dating back to 1940 are travelling across farmland around the district heading into Waihi before making their way to Victoria Battery. You’ll be able to see them cruise down the main street early afternoon, and on Sunday morning around 9.30 am near the Pumphouse.

Waihi Inline Hockey Club invites you to the Waihi Events Centre each Saturday between 6 pm and 8 pm, any age, all abilities. Take your own or hire them, refreshments are available and there’s music, games and RAMPS! Adult spectators are free.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Never ever make absolute, unconditional statements.