Update December 31

Posted by Go Waihi on 31/12/2015

We made it! Christmas, the rush, the food, the dishes, the visitors, the wrapping paper, the whatever it is you got up to ... well done. We can now take time to relax and reflect on another year gone by, but be quick because the next one’s about to start. Don’t forget to say thanks to Santa, I’m sure the kids have already eh!? There’s no disputing we’re busy around the Coromandel, and we can expect it to stay this way for a while yet. Roads are sticky and so are the summer weather and ice creams. With a backdrop of beach and bush with beautiful boutique shopping in between, Waihi’s a great place to base yourself as you explore our backyard, with everything within easy reach. Let’s celebrate the New Year tonight in good spirits, and kick off 2016 with a positive vibe that lasts all year. Spread the friendly word!

Kick off the New Year and help Whiritoa Village Fire Force and village library. They’ve got a great ‘big’ wheelbarrow raffle going on, kids’ activities and lots of stalls to check out. A sausage sizzle and food will be on the menu as well. When? This Sunday. Where? At the Fire Hall. Why? To help keep these important cogs of the local community ticking over. Why not check it out from 9 am!

Waihi Arts Centre and Museum in Kenny St is opening its doors right across January from this Saturday. They’ll obviously close them each day too, but if you want to check out the long and interesting Waihi history through three centuries of mining this is a good place to go. Hours are from midday to 3 pm and the pickled thumbs are always a must see along with the art gallery alongside the museum. A small fee covers one, and a donation would be appreciated at the other.

Waihi Art Club have been busy creating art for their 2016 Beach Art Expo at Waihi Beach Community Centre on January 8 to 10. Between 10 am and 4 pm their art will be on display and for sale with working artists and a special display of glimpses around the beach. There’ll be contemporary, abstract and representational pieces using acrylics, oil, resin, pastel and watercolours, and a sausage sizzle with Waihi Bosom Buddies too. There’s a small entry fee.

Athenree Homestead is open from 10 am to 3 pm every Sunday for your pleasure. There are tours of the grounds and home, vintage photo opportunities, book if you can on 07 863 4363, and there are Devonshire teas and other goodies available at the railway cafe. There’s another good family day out.

Waihi Waterlily Gardens at 441 Pukekauri Rd open from 10 am on Sundays with live music, 15 acres of beautiful grounds with the lilies in bloom for a casual stroll and you can work up an appetite and enjoy some delish eats in their licensed cafe.

On behalf of the GO Waihi committee I hope 2015 was a good one for you and yours, and that 2016 is a positive and productive year. We’ve enjoyed being part of the framework that goes to building a cool community that cares. Waihi folk are awesome, coming out to events and participating as well. GO Waihi is gearing up for another great year, bringing you some exciting events and getting in behind plenty of others. We’ll be back with the Business After 5 monthly meetings for the local business community, the annual Goldfest celebrations and Trolley Derby in October, Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop on Wednesday March 30, the Matariki Maori New Year celebrations, our annual Christmas Parade, the ECHO Walking Festival in March and April, Waihi’s Got Talent in August / September and looking after the town website and Heart of Gold brochure (new improved version just released). We’ll support as much as we can from behind the scenes with all the other community events and activities that happen so keep us in the loop with your plans, nice and early. And we’re a great central site for what’s on and local information. Have a good relax and we’ll see you again next year – er tomorrow, refreshed and ready to R N R ... that’s rock and roll as well as rest and relaxation, a great mix. Cheers.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Don’t just return a kindness, pass it on.