Update March 7

Posted by Go Waihi on 07/03/2014

Another weekend’s looming up and it’s all go with the move starting for Waihi’s library and Hauraki District Council Waihi office to the new building in Rosemont Rd. The slightly cooler temperatures have seen a change of colour in some trees, but the outdoors still rules with the beach, BBQ’s, board shorts and sunburn if you’re not careful. The winter Olympics are over for another four years, and our winter sports are all getting underway. Good luck for the season, and spare a thought for the coaches, managers, club committees, those manning the cafe, the ones behind the scenes marking out the field or washing the uniforms. Then there are the dedicated parents and caregivers dropping off at practices and there on the day. The list grows pretty quickly. We’ve got lots on; here are some things around the Waihi district to tempt you.

It sounds like a real challenge, but the real challenge is for you to take part because then Waihi East School gets to raise some funds. The annual Pit Rim Fun Run or Walk is on tomorrow, with registrations at 8.30 am at the Waihi Athletic Rugby Club on Kenny St. A pair of running /or walking shoes, a couple of hours from go to prize giving at 11 am and a can do attitude and you should be right. Popcorn, a sausage sizzle and refreshments await you after you cross the finish line, or anytime for supporters. $2 for kids, $5 for adults and $15 for your family and you’re off around once or twice, solo or in a relay. Yep’ you have choices to make before the run starts at 9.00 am tomorrow.

Here’s your challenge. Grab an old pair of shoes, a change of clothes and a towel, $5 and some friends, a bit of gumption, a ‘what the heck am I doing here but damn it I’m here now so let’s just get on with it’ positive attitude and prepare for the best, and the unexpected. I mean, who knows how fast you’ll slide down the three mudslides, whether you’ll make it through the very muddy (they’ll water it down until it gets that way) obstacle course or whether the rope across the stream will defeat you? Only one thing to do; head south of Waihi on SH 2, turn right and go behind the Gun Club, park up and get ready to go downhill from there. It’s worth taking some dosh for the sausages and refreshments too. Waihi Scouts Annual Mudslide is next Saturday March 15 from 9.30 am to 3 pm, and a bit of advice, keep your mouth closed as much as you can!

Training for the Nugget Multisport or not there’s a course to suit your ability. Challenge yourself, a few friends and maybe even the boss and get out amongst some of the best countryside around, and inside the unique Martha Mine as well. Finishing at the iconic Waihi Pumphouse it’s set for May 10 so there’s a bit of a lead in time, and it’ll be a good day for the spectator too.

Bookings for the forty plus walks, rides and more are coming in via the website registrations for ECHO Walking Festival, and that’s a great place to check out full descriptions too. What grade, how long, what to expect; it’s all there. Each walk is guided, a donation would be appreciated but hey, they’re free unless there’s a travel cost, and there are walks weekdays, weekends, during the day and at night too. Some are ideal for kids and parents, others are for the more experienced, a lot go across private property not accessible any other time and all are on offer for the quick to book – or is it too late? Running from March 15 to April 5 we’re hoping the earlier time will mean better weather and more people out enjoying what’s taken the best part of the year to put together by a dedicated team.

We’ve got room to show off 700 or more hot rods and classic cars in the closed off CBD with Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop on Wednesday 26 March. We’ve got tons of room for all the other cars that come and ‘go on show’ outside the area too. We like to try to get the Beach Hop event off to a ‘casual but fun’ start, by letting our hair down, rock and rolling to live bands through the street, dressing up for the Best Dressed male and female comp and seeing who wins the best hot rod and classic car at the prize giving, while all the time remaining calm and relaxed. Oh well, maybe just a little excited. Add the Gold FM Drag Race up the centre of town at lunchtime, shops full of specials and sales and stalls to add to the day and it adds up to a day worth taking off from work, or longer.

Not your usual request, but more an opportunity to ‘tick it off the bucket list’ and some even do it again. Dressing up for the Gold FM Drag Race on Wednesday March 26 is really a challenge, of fashion knowledge, accessorising just enough but not too much – OK over the top is better, make up to catch the eye, and just plain old guts to get out there in a mining town and racing along Waihi’s main street with a couple of mates for the hell of it. But hey it’s back and teams are invited to enter by getting an entry form from our website or calling 07 863 9644. Remembering there’re probably some alterations to be done, now’s a good time to commit, and possibly get some darn good mileage for your business.

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