Update January 6

Posted by on 06/01/2014

Welcome to 2014, and I hope it’s a positive, user friendly year for us. Going into it with the right attitude is a good starter. It IS going to be a good year!! I guess there’ve been a few visitors for most of us, which is nice, and so’s the gap between them and the next lot … just enough time to almost catch up with washing, cleaning and, uh, here come the next arrivals. The longer evenings are nice with that cooler air. BBQ’s are cooking up a storm, and there’s a definite holiday feel around the district, long may it continue.

Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank. Victoria Battery, Goldfields Railway, Hauraki Rail Trail, Whiritoa and Waihi Beaches, Anzac Bay, the Pit Rim Walk, Gilmour Lake, shops and eateries downtown in Waihi, Waihi Art Centre and Museum, the Gold Story, the skate park at Morgan Park, the pool at the college and swimming holes to cool off. There, and you’ve still got change for the important stuff!

The Jalopy Dust Up, Rusty Nails Car Show on the beach, the Nugget Multisport Event, Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop, Goldfest, the Annual Go Waihi Trolley Derby, Matariki Celebrations, the Blast Multi Sport Challenge, ECHO Walking Festival, Waihi’s Got Talent and our annual Christmas Parade. Not bad for starters for a town of around 5,000! Throw in events every month put on by all sorts of clubs, schools, hotels and others and we need an occasional rest. So we sometimes head off to the big city for a quiet break away. If you want more details on any of these events check our website, or get in touch.

For a good day out you don’t want to go past this one. Wednesday March 26 is the first day of Beach Hop, and they all hop in their classic cars and hot rods and rumble into Waihi for the day. It’s an outing with a difference, or several actually. The whole CBD is closed to traffic to fit in 700 plus cars, bands and thousands of people. It’s a nice relaxed way to see all the cars parked downtown for the day while people rock and roll to the bands playing through town. There are best dressed comps for him and her, unique trophies for best hot rod and classic car, stalls galore to check out and the Gold FM Drag Race is a hoot and a half at lunchtime. Enter a team of three if your business is game,

Leading into Waihi Anniversary Weekend sees two exhibitions to keep you busy. From 23 to 25 January Art Waihi has an exhibition at Waihi Memorial Hall. Entry’s just a gold coin. Also Waihi Art Club’s exhibition featuring a variety of different art works is being held on January 24 and 25 at the United Church Hall at Waihi Beach Village, again with a gold coin donation entry fee. I’ll have more details when they come to hand.

No it’s not a spelling mistake, it’s the right way of explaining that Waikino’s memorial swing bridge is nearly complete and they’re celebrating with a barn dance in the historic Victoria Hall, and the dances are being called by some of the best. Two Welsh dance callers who are in New Zealand for the Auckland Folk Festival will tell you the next step, when to put your best foot forward, where the other one goes, to swing your partner round and round and probably where to gently place them down at the end of the dance. It’ll be a lot of fun, and all proceeds from your $20 entry go to the upkeep of the hall. P.S. - it starts at 7 pm and is BYO.

Goldfields Railway Station in Wrigley St Waihi is where the train sets off three times a day heading to Waikino, where it stops for a while, then returns to Waihi. You can take the first train and come back on the same one, or take the second train and come back on the third. You could take the first and come back on the third or take the third and come back on the third train, or take the first train and come back on the second. Don’t get confused, check their timetable and take a nostalgiac trip to Waikino and back again, and while you’re there visit the historic Victoria Battery site, with its own narrow gauge railway train, underground kilns and museum. Or take some youngies on the train ride for something different to do.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: If you really want to let the world go by, just drive within the speed limit.