Update January 28

Posted by Go Waihi on 28/01/2014

Holidays over? Well, there is still an official month of summer left to enjoy and I always think that autumn is the nicest month of the year anyway. We often get some of the best weather in March and April without the searing temperatures that sap the strength during January and February.

As we ease into 2014 and start planning for the next few months it is as well to bear in mind some of the things to look forward to. Waihi's Warm Up Party for the Beach Hop is on Wednesday 26 March. There will be bands, best dressed male and female, hundreds of hot rods and classic cars and the Gold FM Drag Race, stalls galore and great atmosphere. So even if you are not into cars it is a wonderful community event and for those of us that remember the fifties a definite nostalgia trip. Brian is keen to hear from anyone who would like to help with marshalling duties on the day so get in touch with him next week at Go Waihi if you wish to be further involved with this fun event.

From March 15th to April 6th the Echo walking festival is in full swing with some great walks around our region. Brochures are around town or go to the ECHO Walking Festival site to book.

You may think it is too early to think of winter sports – good heavens we are still in the middle of the cricket season, and hasn’t it been good? However, we must plan ahead and many of the winter sports organisations are getting into gear for the upcoming season. Waihi Athletic Rugby is into training already and the netballers are holding trials, so start thinking about what sport you may want to participate in as the days become shorter. There are plenty to choose from. Congratulations to Waihi’s Rugby 7s team that earned the right to represent the Thames Valley in the national competition and good luck lads.

Also in the looking ahead category and carrying on the theme of sport, we have the Nugget Multisports event coming up in May. This caters for all levels of fitness so do not think that because you cannot Kayak, cycle or run very far there is nothing in it for you. Yes, if you are one of these super athletes you may want to take on the whole thing or become part of a team, in which case you are probably already training but if you are not one of those people there are still shorter distances that you can either jog or walk and be assured many do. If you are like me you may prefer to be involved by being a marshal. In any event, if you want to be involved contact Pauline, our sports co-ordinator at the Events Centre for further information.

It is good to see so many cycles in town over the summer and it is clear that the new cycleway is being well used. If you haven’t tried it yet and are nervous about whether you can handle it, may I suggest that you cycle to Waikino and get the train back. The folk at Goldfields Railway are happy to carry cycles on their trains and the way I have suggested is downhill. If you haven’t got a bike go for a walk down the trail as far as the black bridge dam – take a picnic. It is a lovely spot.

Continuing the exercise theme for those with limited fitness, how about a walk around Black Hill? Allow about an hour but you can do it in less depending on fitness and distractions on the way. It is a stunningly beautiful walk and very easy, particularly if you go anticlockwise. And for those hunters and gatherers among you, (well not so much the hunters as that is prohibited) it is the blackberry season so if you take a container on your walk you may find you come home with a few of the delicious little berries – not bucketsful to make jam but a cupful or two to stew and pour, hot, over ice cream - mmmmm.... Or if you are starting to gear up for winter fires a backpack full of pinecones is another option.

If all that is not enough, remember to shop local and have a look round the Waihi shops. The town centre has a number of new shops that have opened in the last few months and well worth a look and buy. And don’t forget the Waihi Produce Market every Wednesday afternoon at the Dutch Shop in Mueller St.

Thought for the week: Speak the truth, but leave immediately after.