Update December 18

Posted by Go Waihi on 18/12/2014

We’re counting the sleeps, and the days until Christmas. I hope you’re pacing yourself with so much on. School holidays are underway and hopefully some down time for you too. Whether you’re staying at home or going away, celebrating with friends or having a quiet one, I hope you enjoy some you time. We’re blessed with some of the best countryside around and it’s too easy to take it for granted. Others come and make the most of it and we should do the same. I mean it’s right there every day – beaches, bush, boating, walks, fishing, views, history, rivers, surf, fine food, good shopping and a relaxed lifestyle ... that last bit’s for us who live here. Here’s to a great longest day / shortest night and a few BBQ’s to boot! Catch you Christmas Eve!

This Sunday is take a picnic and then sing along to Christmas Carols time with Waihi Baptist Church. Carolling starts at 6.30 pm and picnic time is any time before that. Nice setting eh! Take your friends and family and enjoy a great community event. Memories are made of these. No worries about forgetting the words, they’ve sorted song books.

Possibly a blanket will do it but you want something to sit on this Tuesday at the lagoon at Whiritoa at 7.30 pm. Get comfortable and sing your heart out to old time traditional carols, and remember a floating candle. If wet you’re invited to the Community Hall.

While we welcome visitors to our shores it’s always important to remember we sustain our local region with support every day from you and me, locals. Do you need to go to a city to buy what is already available right here, or just down the road? The few bucks you might save, and that’s a might, are gobbled up in petrol, time and hassles. You supporting local businesses equates to economic sustainability, or basically our town and district surviving. There’s so much selection right under our nose, and the service and after sales support make a difference too. So shop locally and the choices of shops will grow.

Enjoy Connecting Hills and Oceans is ECHO in full. From short achievable family walks, tougher challenging treks, interesting history filled tramps, to an overnighter on an island and night viewings of glow worms I’d say you’d be hard pressed to say you can’t find something to suit your abilities and busy schedule. Most are free, all are guided and the brochures are a great starting point to narrow down which walks you’d like to do. While it’s not until March and April it’s worth booking early for some with maximum numbers.

Any blood donated must be used within three weeks after which it must be replaced. That’s why the NZ Blood Service keeps coming back. They’re after all blood types, whether you’re a regular donor or new. Call 0800 448 325 and book a time on Monday 29 December when they’re at Waihi Memorial Hall between 1 pm and 6 pm. An hour is all it will take, you can save up to three people and it won’t hurt, honest!

Markets are great to add to the mix of what shops have on offer. Waihi Market from 9 am tomorrow will have an eclectic (good word eh?!) mix of who knows what to entice you into Waihi Memorial Hall as well as on the foot path outside shops. Add in the good variety of shops and their wares and I’d be surprised if you didn’t get most of your shopping done in our mall without walls. Eateries with an excellent choice of light snacks, a tummy filler or a full on meal can cater for most tastes and the smiles and friendly attitude of the locals are just a nice bonus. Did I mention the free parking with no time restrictions?

Waihi Art Centre and Museum will be transformed just after Christmas with their Summer Exhibition. Full of colourful paintings, garden art and photography the exhibition in the Lee Johnson Gallery will be open every day except New Years Day from midday to 3 pm in Kenny St. Get inspired for next to nothing and for a small entry fee check out the museum for some real Waihi history while you’re there.

At the annual Market Day at the Fire Hall you’ll find an eclectic (there’s that word again!?) variety of stalls worth browsing. This is a great fundraiser for both the volunteer fire force and library, and you can hold a stall or book a car boot site and be part of the day. Sausage sizzle’s a must, the library book sale should see you right for some summer reading and what you’ll find at the stalls and car boot sites is anyone’s guess. Can you help with a donation for their wheelbarrow raffle? Any good household, food and beach items would be appreciated. Gerry’s your contact on 07 865 6322.

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