Update August 28

Posted by Go Waihi on 28/08/2014

Well hellloooo spring, with its blooms, lambs, longer days, the occasional BBQ just to get in the swing, still a few wet and windy ones but I bet a fair few pairs of shorts will be heading back on to the lily whites pretty darn soon if not already. Hey crystal ball ahead a month and you’ll be behind the times if you haven’t wound your clock forward. Yes, it’s creeping up, just like the first swim, the lawnmower coming out more often, the early tan that’s almost too early, a few three day weekends – back to back’d be nice, and my birthday. With plenty coming up let’s take a look see in that direction, and don’t hang back, get out there and take part in things around our region.

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 x 1, 4 15
Waihi Drama Society have got four one act plays back to back happening Friday and Saturday night at 7.30 pm and finally on Sunday afternoon with a 2 pm matinee. A Night of One Act Plays explains the theme pretty well really. $15 and you’ll get to enjoy ‘A Stiff Drink’ by Rosey Darbishire’, ‘Hereafter’ by Nicholas Taylor, David Wells ‘I Know What You’re Thinking’ and Charles Mander’s ‘Shop For Charity’, a nice variety and a good night, or afternoon, in the making. This could be a good one to go to with a few friends. Tickets are available at United Video Waihi in Seddon St for the quick decision maker, ‘cos there’re only three days to go. Cash or a cheque please.

With Go Waihi’s Market Day leading up to the Trolley Derby and Skateboard Competition in the afternoon, we’re after that unique mix of ‘what have you’ stalls to feature streetside on Saturday October 4. We’d like to hear from you if you have that ‘something different’, that ‘one of a kind’ stall that will get people stopping and looking (and hopefully buying too). So what have you got? Here’s your opportunity to raise a few readies for the club, add to the day and cook up a storm, well maybe cupcakes or steak sammies with all the trimmings, whitebait fritters, signed Chiefs jerseys, some art or ... no, I’ll leave the ideas to you. We already have a great mix of shops so we’ll only have a certain amount of stall spaces so get in touch with Go Waihi ASAP.

It’s horses for courses and you’re away with the funny money to bet as you please. Waihi Beach School have a novel way of raising funds, and you’re invited. Race Night is Saturday September 13 with the first on the card at 7 pm at Waihi Beach Community Centre. There’re prizes for the best dressed and best hat, along with a door prize. More funny money will be available, nibbles will be served through the evening and there’s a courtesy vehicle available too. There’s a good mix of refreshments available and Ground Support will help you have a good time. Buy your tickets now at La /diva in Waihi or Waihi Beach School and pay just $15. Wait until the night and it’s still good value at $20.

And round and round down Haszard St and then round and round the corner into Seddon St and down to the finish line, only to race back up for another go now the nerves are all OK. Here’s your invite to be part of the FUN Trolley Derby and Skateboard Competition on Saturday October 4. Entry forms give you the rules, being safe is about it, and it’s FREE to enter. For the skater, test your skills cruising down Haszard St hill with a cone or three to manoeuvre around and ‘that corner’ and you’re on your way to scoring some great prizes courtesy of Fowlers Surf & Fashion in Seddon St Waihi. The Waihi Hauraki District Council office and library IN Rosemont Rd has entry forms, so does Gold FM and they’re here on our website.

More details as they emerge but the Go Waihi Business After 5 September Meeting for Waihi business owners and managers is somewhere that not a lot of people have been or seen. We’re holding back a week to get to see even more, and you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Call me if you’d like to go, and it’s not next week, the date’s the 10th ... got it, beauty!

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Growing older is mandatory, growing up … is optional.