Update August 19

Posted by Go Waihi on 19/08/2014

We’re only a month and a little bit away from daylight saving kicking in again, and dare I say it, Christmas won’t be far behind. I’ve been noticing more people outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and longer days, and the fresh, and I mean fresh, air. It doesn’t take much for Kiwis to get out of the house and into the back yard, whether it’s your own or our great outdoors. I was reading about smart streetlights that can dim when there’s no-one around, help you get on line and even let you know when your micro chipped dog is wandering the streets, sniffing the wrong lamppost, and I kind of thought, how long before they’re introducing these for humans? Now there’s a scary thought worth discussing over a cuppa or coffee fix.

Friday we’re set for Waihi’s Got Talent 2014 finals with Waihi Beach RSA, in association with Gold FM and Go Waihi. Finalists should be there with music to the sound desk by 6.30 pm so the show can start at 7 pm. Juniors, intermediates and seniors will all perform vying for the $200 for them and $1000 for their school to use for a project in each section. You’re invited along to enjoy some fantastic, and definitely varied, acts. Solo acts, duets and groups, singing, dancing, gymnastics and ... well you’d better get along to see for yourself. It’s free entry with an open invite to everyone. Be early for a great show and support these up and coming performers.

We are living in the digital age and it’s catching up with our past too. Waihi Branch of the New Zealand Genealogists Society are getting together on Saturday with anyone else who’s interested in finding out about Cloud, Evernote, Dropbox, scanning tips, creating your own digital records, mobile technology, lots of tips and tricks and finding stories family fun. I think that should fill the day from 9.30 am to 4 pm, and for $10 for part or all of the day I reckon it’s good value. I’d better tell you where; Waihi Museum in Kenny St, with morning and afternoon cuppas sorted. Call Harriet for more info on 07 863 6063. PS, it’s a BYO lunch.

It kinda says it all. Sunday could be a good one to set aside some time to sort some wheels and the other bits to enter Go Waihi’s annual Trolley Derby and Skateboard Competition. Start early and you’ll have plenty of lead in time to check for rattles and shakes, work on the aerodynamics, look for that little extra speed, airbrush the mean motif on, learn how she handles around corners ... or just sit back knowing you and the kids are set for a good time on Saturday October 4. FUN, yes all in capitals, is the name of the day. This is a free event for any age, you’re included. The oldest include an 80 year old and experienced 5 and 6 year olds give it a good go too. Entry forms are at the HDC Waihi office and at www.waihi.org.nz. And look, there’s more to this day.

Good on you Fowlers Surf & Fashion in Seddon St Waihi. They’ve sorted the prizes for the Skateboard Competition on October 4 with some fantastic goodies being sorted for those keen to take on the Haszard St hill. Not for the fainthearted, but if you make it to the bottom I bet you’ll be back for more. Get a free entry form from the HDC Waihi office or our website and weave your way through the cones, cruise around the corner in some sort of control and cross the finish line, wind blowing through your ripped jeans, smile as wide as a kid half your age. And they can give it a go as well! Come on ladies, climb a‘board’ too and have some FUN! And here’s to Waihi Lions and Waihi Beach Dirt Track Club for your skills running the day. Yeehaa, I can’t wait.

With Goldfest approaching we’d like to feature some entertainers that are from our neck of the woods. If you’re reading this you’re probably in the area I just described. Why not get in touch and let me know what you do, we may be able to utilise those skills. Can you make people laugh, smile, sing along, drop their jaw in awe, wonder how you did that and clap? How about card tricks, making $20 notes that are legal (no, don’t count that one), walking on stilts, storytelling or doing fifteen minute charcoal caricatures. Then there’re the clowns, face painters and ... well you get the idea. If you don’t, don’t get in touch. We’d like to hear from the others that haven’t got bored with my ramblings yet. Contact details are down there (picture arrow pointing to bottom), you should do it now.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Sometimes I’m more confused than a round pizza in a square box cut into triangular pieces.