Update September 26

Posted by Go Waihi on 26/09/2013

Here we are again, another Friday and another weekend coming up, but not just any weekend, this weekend we get to see a little more of Sunday afternoon, and a little less of Sunday morning; and we lose an hour of our weekend too! Not because of a late Saturday night (well maybe that too), it’s more the return of Daylight Saving. Got the clocks to do, watches too, not to mention the mobile and the car clock as well as the stereo, stove and microwave. Better get some help in. Damn it, let’s just leave the clocks forward and enjoy al fresco living a bit more. I’m looking forward to the opening of the Waihi to Waikino section of the Hauraki Rail Trail tomorrow, and a whole lot of things lined up through October with Goldfest. Strangely enough I’m also looking forward to washing the car and having a sleep in at some stage too.

Pump up your tyres, check the chain, pad the seat and grab a bum bag or backpack for some fun along the way. I’m talking the opening of the Hauraki Rail Trail Waihi to Waikino section tomorrow, and what a picturesque setting it is too. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen some of the track during construction, there’re some beautiful spots to stop along the way, only a slight incline or three and some cool historical bits too. Starting with registrations at 10.30 am at Goldfield’s Railway in Waihi at 10.30 am, followed at 11 am by the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting, then it’s off along the 8 kilometres to Victoria Battery where there’ll be stalls and a market atmosphere, music and the prize giving too. That’s where the numbered programme you got at the start comes in handy – to win prizes just for taking part. There’s a Giant bike from Waihi Sports & Cycles, a night in heaven staying at Waihi’s Manawa Ridge Luxury Lodge and lots more from local Waihi businesses too. Power to the peddle.

No, not my birthday, that’s not too far away and I will remind you, it’s the Go Waihi Trolley Derby with Skateboardies included this year. Thanks to Waihi Lions and Waihi Beach Dirt Track Club for their efforts coming up on the day, and hopefully you’re putting in the effort with your trolley to enter too. Free is a great word, and it’s not used often enough, so here goes. It’s free to enter. Entry forms have what little rules there are, so grab one from Waihi Library, HDC Waihi office, Gold FM or you can download one to fill out. Drop off completed forms at the HDC Waihi office or post it back to me. Instructions are on the form. Then it’s just a case of working out your winning strategies, or not, and having loads of FUN next Saturday, October 5, from midday to 2 pm in Haszard and Seddon streets. Have you got what it takes? It could win you a prize; and the respect of all your mates too of course.

This is the basis of Goldfest; taking part, trying something new or again, putting on things for others to participate, and most of all, having FUN, that’s rule No 1! So grab a programme from around Waihi, at Waihi Library, Gold FM, HDC Waihi office. There’re nigh on 50 events through October that need / want your support, and you’d be silly not to take up the offers with the great variety of things going on. Adults and children are well catered for. Lots of events are free, and the rest are very inexpensive, so go for it, get involved, don’t be a stick in the mud, roll up your sleeves and give it a go. That’s what Goldfest is all about. No, not sleeves, giving it a go!!! Waihi’s turning it on across October and we’d love you to see what small NZ town offers. It’s not all about mining you know, but hey, that’s another unique attraction you should check out while you’re here, Martha Mine, and it’s right next to the main street, yes, a 50 metre walk gets you there. An hour and a bit gets you around the rim walkway too. Back to Goldfest, be part of the fun and festivities, you won’t regret it. Programmes have all the details.

Waihi Community Resource Centre in Mueller St has four, well three now, workshops in their life skills series and you can go to all or any of them. Still to come through October are dealing with change / stress management, goal setting and life planning. They're all on Fridays between 2 pm and 3.30 pm. It's an opportunity to check in and see where you are with life in general at the moment, and working towards improving your life and happiness. While it's free there are limited spaces so it's probably a good idea to call in or phone Lauren to find out more and register. The number's 07 863 7555.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: The days of good grammar has went.