Update November 29

Posted by Go Waihi on 29/11/2013

Sweltering in the heat of the day I’m writing this as we hit 26 plus degrees, and it’s only spring officially. It’s tempting with the beautiful beaches around here to be writing this around the high tide mark, but sand might get into the keyboard. That’s a shame. Exam time is almost over and so is another month. Ice cream sales must be doing alright, and so should sunscreen and hats. The barbecue’s working overtime and long may that continue. It’s great to be outdoors more even if we get the occasional wet day, and we need a few of those too. Oh yes, well done to the All Blacks winning every game this season, they only just made it home against the Irish though. Here’s hoping we get a win over Australia with the World Cup League final this weekend. Now, back to that Christmas shopping list.

Waihi School of Dance has a varied show tomorrow night with their end of year concert. Be seated and ready to be impressed at 7 pm at Waihi Memorial Hall. You’ll be treated to the ballet students’ adaptation of Alice In Wonderland, while there’ll be Dancing to Divas with the jazz ballet students. Door sales are $6 for adults and $4 for children and students means a good night’s entertainment that won’t break the bank.

Floats of all shapes and sizes are required for next Saturday December 7 at the Go Waihi Christmas Parade with Harcourt’s Waihi. We have some cool entries from schools, some business entries, clubs are starting to get their entries back in, but we have a ton of room for more. We won’t stop taking them so grab a registration form from the Waihi HDC office, Gold FM, Waihi Library, Harcourt’s Waihi or off our website and be part of Waihi’s big parade. Starting at 1 pm you’ll head up the main street of Waihi in front of friends, family and lots of locals and visitors, all waving and shouting, cheering you on. Ask anyone who’s been in it before; it’s what memories are made of. FUN is the operative word, so get some friends together and have some fun making a float. You never know, you may even win a prize, now there’s a bonus.

This is your last call for stalls with just over a week before Waihi’s Christmas Market Day. Diversity or something different, either or, it doesn’t matter. Add to the mix and raise funds, this could be a good day for clubs. Contact Go Waihi now quick smart for a rego form.

Next Saturday, December 7, is Waihi’s Christmas Market Day; a chance to get downtown and get a good start, or even finish your Christmas shopping. We’ve got rides for the youngies, music with Sarah Spicer and entertainment downtown from 10 am, stalls outside lots of shops, and plenty of bargains and specials inside and out too. Food and refreshments are well catered for through cafes, restaurants and some of the stalls. All we need is lots of people who want to have a good time. And with just over a week before the big day, don’t wait around, now’s the best time for you to book a stall.

Those are the two shows left with Waihi Drama Society’s production Radio Daze. A variety filled variety show was the description, and reports coming back are that’s spot on. It’s a trip down memory lane for some, while the younger audience get to see how families sat around the radio to hear their favourite programmes. Drama, suspense and laughter are all part of the show. Last minute tickets are at United Video in Seddon St. $20 for adults and $10 for children, remember there’re no eftpos sales.

We heard a while ago that Waihi’s Shona Laing was going to be honoured and inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at the New Zealand Music Awards last week but we had to keep quiet (damn hard to do), and we thought ... ‘about time’. Behind the scenes this lady does lots in the music world. She’s also an accomplished artist. But you don’t hear too much from her. Quiet and unassuming she’s been on the music scene in this country for; well let’s just say since she hit the charts at 17. Think Lorde and you’ve got about the right age. She offered some words of advice to Lorde at the ceremony last week, a nice touch. Congratulations Shona, you deserve it. And we are proud you call this your home.

I’d like to be able to answer that question every time, but it depends on the information being sent through to Go Waihi. We currently have several papers, radio stations, magazines and others wanting a list of what’s coming up over the coming months. Hey, it’s good publicity so let’s use it. I’ll certainly let them know what I know about, but, you guessed it, if I don’t know then I can’t help spread the word. We always have lots happening, plenty to keep locals and visitors busy, so let’s get it out there. Send me what you’re up to ASAP so I can include it in the What’s On This Summer and Autumn list. Even if you haven’t got the details in place, we can at least get the idea and date out there. Contact Go Waihi.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: A bunch of my friends are coming over tonight to play on their phones.