Update July 19 2013

Posted by Go Waihi on 19/07/2013

One or two important points to start with this week. It’s cell phone courtesy month as well as share a sunset with your lover month. There are a couple of tasks for you to attend to before the 31st. In fact you could probably tie the two together and watch the sun set while making a polite call about the lovely sunset to your lover?? Tomorrow apparently is Moon Day, but with the full moon not due until the 23rd it’s possible it could be a different sort of ‘moon’ they’re talking about so best be pre-warned and prepared. I hope the school holidays are going according to plan, Waihi and the Coromandel have had plenty of extras calling in for a look see at what we get to enjoy every day of the year. I love the fact we’re already at the holiday destination that so many others visit every chance they get to ‘get away for the weekend’. Spring is in the air, if not, it’s in the step with the cooler temperatures lately and people moving a little quicker into the wind. We’ve still got plenty of winter sport to enjoy, get out and support your local teams in whatever code you like, they love the positives from the sideline, and possibly a tip or two at the after match, just not too much advice from the armchair though.

This is how the big stars do it. Practice your songs, dance routines, juggling or magic tricks, practice whatever it is you think will get you to the finals of Waihi’s Got Talent with Waihi Beach Memorial RSA, Gold FM and Go Waihi. Back for year 3 through August with the final early September, there are some fantastic prizes for junior, intermediate and senior sections. And your school could get to benefit too. Details will be at your school office soon after the term gets underway, but right now it’s time to practice, practice and fine tune your piece. Remember judges will be looking at your whole performance including audience response, your confidence, style and overall presentation. Most of all it’s a chance to get up on stage and experience what it’s like to entertain so have FUN!

We’re busy sorting the details but it’s a good time to mention we’ve added a skateboard section to our Go Waihi Trolley Derby this year. Waihi Lions will be back helping run the day, and they’ll be joined this year by Waihi Beach Dirt Track Club. We’ve got the Emergency services Challenge on, along with junior and senior sections for trolleys, together with an open class for those that don’t fit the specifications. This is always an interesting class as virtually ‘anything goes’, as long as it does go of course. The whole event is fun based with prizes just for turning up, the oldest and youngest, the hairiest ride of the day, the slowest dawdle down the track, most original and craziest trolleys and possibly even for having the fastest run of the day. Saturday Octobert 5’s the day, run in conjunction with our Market Day for Goldfest. It’s an ideal opportunity to combine bargain shopping (Christmas?) and lots of fun at the same time.

Waihi College has about fourteen 11 and 12 year old boys aiming to get to the AIMS Games in Tauranga soon. They realise it’s not free to get there so they’re happy to muck in and get some of those jobs you’ve never got around to doing done at your place. At your work or home, if they can do it they will, and all money raised goes towards the $2500 they need for the trip. They’ve got parents able to help and oversee so think of some things you’ve been putting off and get them done. During the holidays phone Brent Willoughby from Waihi College on 863 5173.

Waihi Art Centre and Museum’s school holiday programme for 8 to 12 year olds is all go this coming week. From clay making and a scavenger hunt to secret agent activities, roving reporters, board games and team challenges, you can bet there won’t be a dull moment. It’s just $5 a session or $20 for all five days. Running from 10 am to 2 pm daily, there are limited spaces so book NOW. Call Debbie on 863 6373. And why not visit the museum while you’re there and learn a little about our history around Waihi, being an older town we’ve got plenty of it.

Waihi Sport N Action has another couple of activities for school children next week too. On Tuesday there’s hockey at Waihi College between 10 am and 12 pm, they can supply hockey sticks, you supply the energy and it’s free. Then for just $5 you can give the ever popular skating a go at the Events Centre from 10 am to midday. That includes skate hire by the way. Again it may pay to book so phone Pauline on 863 7295, or call into the Events Centre.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: There are two times in a man’s life when he shouldn’t speculate: when he can’t afford to, and when he can.

AND ANOTHER: If God thought nudity was Ok we would’ve been born naked