Update December 5

Posted by Go Waihi on 05/12/2013

Here comes summer, sun, fun and a bit of time to do our own thing. We get some down time, a chance to catch up with family and friends, and Saturday the opportunity to get up close and have fun with the Go Waihi Christmas Parade with Harcourt’s Waihi. We have some interesting floats judging by the entry forms, and lots happening through the morning to make it a great day for all the family. Let’s put it into perspective, exams are over, summer is here, Christmas holidays (that’s the stats at least) are coming up in the not too distant future, the days are longer ... hey I’m liking this. And there’s lots coming our way to top things off!!

Go Waihi’s Christmas Parade with Harcourt’s Waihi is on and out come the floats, the tinsel, the flashing lights, wrapping paper and crazy ideas that come together at the last minute, the kids and their proud parents, the trucks given freely for the parade and lots of community groups, schools and clubs saying Merry Christmas to the throngs down town in Waihi. Out come the smiles, the cheers and shouts of joy. Santa’s also coming to visit, not a well kept secret and who cares; he’s at the tail end of the parade so keep an eye out for him. 1 pm and the parade through the centre of Waihi gets underway. There are plenty of vantage points for small and bigger, and you’re right next to the parade, so it’s as if you’re part of it. Don’t miss out; we’d love to see you there.

We’re very aware that Saturday's Christmas Parade in Waihi is a fun time for everyone, and that’s the way we’d like to keep it. With lots of young children around we would appreciate you keeping an eye on them to make sure they stay on the footpath, well away from the road and parade. They’ll still easily see the floats close up, but won’t be too close to the big vehicles and floats. Then everyone’s happy. Thanks for your help.

It’s Christmas Market Day on Saturday; the perfect lead in to our Christmas Parade at 1 pm. Through the morning tomorrow you’ll have the chance to do some or all of the following.- have fun, ride the rides, eat at the restaurants, cafes and food stalls, buy Christmas presents with loads of sales and specials saving you money and time (like you really wanted to go to the big smoke with all the hassles and time it takes anyway), listen to Sarah Spicer play by the Waihi Memorial Hall, check out the stalls, watch everyone on the bouncy castle, slide and mini jeeps, enjoy the Christmas music from Suzy Macdonald, park for free for as long as you want, catch up with friends and neighbours from our cool community, smile at visitors who’ve come to join us, and did I mention having fun, that’s Rule Number 1 !! See you downtown from around 9.30 am for lots of ... you guessed it, FUN.

I recently asked for information about what’s coming up, and guess what? Art is alive and well in and around Waihi. I’m not going into too many details right now but you can be rest assured that over the next month or four you’ll be treated to some great displays. Local artists feature, there are exhibitions at Waihi Art Centre and Museum and there’s a good mix of styles that will come to the fore. And I’m not even an art buff, but hey, that’s my ten cents worth. Watch this space. And don’t stop sending in info about things coming up over the next few months please.

The Mellowtones Spring Concerts didn’t happen, but they are, just under a new name. For obvious reasons the shows are now the Mellowtones Summer Concerts. Well it’s always better late than never so the well known harmonies of the Mellowtones can be heard tonight at 7.30 pm and also Sunday at 2 pm. For a donation you can head to the Theatre Boyd Rd for some great entertainment. It’ll probably make you want to sing in the shower again, or worse.

Not only do we have our Christmas Market downtown in Waihi on Saturday, but you can kick it off with the Gigantic Garage sale with the Waihi Masonic Lodge. From 8 am to around 1.30 pm they’ll be selling everything they’ve had donated, and you can still donate if you’d like to help. They’re raising funds for local charities so out goes the furniture, electrical goods, tools, clothing, sports goods; everything, and all at great prices. They’re on Kenny St just along from Rosemont Rd.

It’s been good to get the details of several things coming up, and phone calls and emails of things in the wind. Don’t stop, I’d like to hear about anything so if we get asked, we can let people know. A Christmas Carol evening, some cars or bikes on show, bands playing, flowers and fruit on display, sports events, anything around the whole region, big, medium or small, even regular get-togethers are worth mentioning. I had one lady whose move here depended on playing table tennis. Contact Us.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Silence is golden. Unless you have a toddler, then silence is suspicious.