Update April 3

Posted by Go Waihi on 03/04/2013

So that was Easter, and now it’s over. I hope you enjoyed your break as much as I did mine. Got lots done, nothing in particular so it was great to basically cruise in a place a lot of people decided to holiday in, funny that. That’s why I reckon we should stay in holiday mode for virtually the whole year. Now, daylight saving ends on Sunday so don’t forget to wind your clocks and watches back. Set your alarm for 3 am Sunday morning and change the lot in one go. Or, you could just do it the night before. I’d hate to have to do a car yard full of vehicles with not only a clock in each car but also another clock in each stereo, and they’ll all be different brands. Enough time keeping, let’s see what’s on the horizon for locals and visitors.

Yes, year four for The Nugget MultiSport Event is rapidly approaching. Saturday April 20 competitors will be let loose around Waihi on the hills, shoreline, back roads, tracks and the Martha Mine with five options of course to enter. First timers wanting to challenge themselves can opt for the 5 km, 10 km or 21 km walk or run, and for the hardier there’s the half and full Nugget options. For ‘cheerer onerers’ a good spot is the unique finish line up at the Pumphouse, just seeing the faces of competitors crossing that finish line is magic. The relief, the satisfaction, the exhaustion … and that’s just me!

Today’s the closing day for entries for Go Waihi’s Photo Competition. There’s a Sony 3 D Blue – Ray Disc Home Theatre that’s about to find a new home. If you’re an amateur photographer and you took some shots of Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop on Wednesday 20 March, quickly sort your five faves and get them onto a disc and into Go Waihi at the visitor centre, top end of Seddon St, or email them through. Remember the judges are looking for the feel of the day, what made Waihi’s day stand out to you? What was it that created the atmosphere? The people, the cars, the people and the cars, perhaps it was the drag race, the bands and people dancing through the streets. Was it the shops and stalls, the fantastic array of food on offer or the atmosphere of not just keen car lovers but everyone else that came for a great day out in Waihi? We may even put some up on our website. Hurry, and good luck!

Waihi Drama Society is ready to present a very interesting stage show that kind of relates in today’s society. It’s called The Old People Are Revolting and it’s all about old people revolting, literally. They’ve had enough of sitting on the sideline after working hard all their life, only to be ignored. They want and deserve respect, and they’re determined to get it, come hell or high water. It all makes for a funny play where the ‘senior’ members of our society stand up for their rights and cause a bit of havoc along the way. Take your laughing gear along for this one. Tickets are $20 for cash or cheque at United Video at the top end of Seddon St, and the season runs from April 10 to 20 with a couple of matinees.

Here’s the ideal opportunity to get some exercise and learn a bit about our region at the same time, and it‘s free. ECHO Walking Festival gets underway for year 10 on Saturday April 20 running through to Sunday May 5. With over 30 walks there has to be one or two suitable for just about anyone. From a pushchair friendly stroll for an hour or so to a day long tramp that includes crossing streams, this is a great opportunity to see and hear about the history of our back yard. All walks are guided and there are brochures around town that give you descriptions and you can read the full run down and book on line. Make sure you book early as some are already full, or very nearly.

Juliagrace is a woman with a mission. She’s travelled the world telling her tale on the Beautiful Survivor Tour, and now she’s coming to Waihi. On Wednesday, April 10, starting at 7 pm, she’ll be at the Waihi Baptist Church on the corner of Kenny and Gilmour streets, sharing her life experiences through story telling and singing. This is a free evening open to everyone.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Familiarity breeds contempt – and children.