Chiefs visit to Waihi East School

Posted by Waihi East School on 12/12/2013

Wednesday 4th December 2013 was an exciting day for the Waihi East School community. The Chiefs had chosen the Coromandel area for their pre-season training and sent out a competition for schools to dream up a non-physical challenge for the Chiefs to participate in. Our wonderful sports teacher Mr Gurnick decided a pancake eating challenge would sort the boys from the men, and a team of staff and students spent the morning preparing over 250 pancakes.

We were privileged to host Augustine Pulu, James Lowe, Josh Hohneck and Manager Reg Hall. Our challenge was a team race to consume two pancakes each complete with huge strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. A draw was declared after some deliberation-apparently the Chiefs pancakes were twice the size of the student ones!

The players took time to introduce themselves to our students, sharing their personal stories and sporting career achievements. A Q&A session followed and many of our excited students had the opportunity to have some of their questions answered by the Chiefs. Each class then had the chance to pose with the Chiefs as excited students looked on and cameras clicked from all directions. The afternoon ended with each student enjoying a pancake complete with all toppings.

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