Update - November 16

Posted by Go Waihi on 16/11/2012

Sunburn seems to be coming back into fashion, well not really but it’s the time of year that takes us by surprise with the extra sun. Slip, slop, slap and wrap as they say, and I always like to add slurp as the liquid intake needs to be kept up too. We had a great A & P Show last week in Waihi, and number 75 is now on the horizon in 2013. Senior school exams are well underway; I hope they’re going well. Roads are starting to get busy too, so be aware, be seen and be prepared for road works being done before the holiday period, I hope.

The Go Waihi Christmas Parade with Harcourt’s Waihi on Saturday December 8 is always a great day to be part of. We would love to have your group, club, church, society, business, school, social group, bunch of friends, family (have I missed anyone?) taking part. Participation is the thing, whether it’s on a float or on the footpath cheering them on. It’s set to start at 1 pm with our traditional Christmas Market Day on through the morning. For entry forms and details visit the Waihi Library, Harcourt’s Waihi, Gold FM, HDC’s Waihi office or download one.

With the Go Waihi Christmas Parade with Harcourt’s Waihi there’s also the Market Day on Saturday December 8 which runs across the morning leading up to the parade. This is an ideal time for some fundraising for local groups and schools and the like. If you would like a stall, and there’ll be limited sites, please contact Go Waihi nice and early. That way we can set out where stalls go, and mix the variety up through town too.

ABC Waihi has their Pre Christmas Sale coming up next Wednesday, November 21, at 36 Galbraith St. There’ll be some great ideas for Christmas there, and possibly for other times of the year too. Get along between 5.30 pm and 7 pm, and help with their fundraising while you get ahead with your shopping. Any one wanting a stall quickly get in touch with Jane on 07 863 6639.

I’m not sure of the origins of the saying, but it’s definitely something you should do with Waihi Art Centre and Museum’s latest exhibition, Bob Kerr’s ‘Gold Strike’. Head to the museum in Kenny St Waihi and have a look at the 30 oil paintings depicting the 1912 Miner’s Strike, and Waihi’s colourful and very interesting mining background. I had the pleasure of seeing them recently and while I’m not an aficionado art critic I did enjoy slowly taking the scenes in and reading about the paintings. Open every day from 11 am to 3 pm, the exhibition is on until November 25, and it’s just $5 entry. Another fiver and you can go through the museum too.

With Christmas and the summer holidays coming up, now’s a good time to let Go Waihi know what you have coming up over the next two or three months. We don’t need all the details, but with paper deadlines we need to work in advance. So if you know of anything coming up in December, January, February and even March, let Go Waihi know the outline now, and keep filling the gaps leading up to the day. It could appear in this column. But do it now or you may miss out.

Traditional ballet, dance, song, performing, musicals … it’s show time, that time of year where all the hard work pays off, any exams are done and dusted and they just want to let you see what they’ve learnt. We get the benefit of this with several shows coming up.

Waihi Glee performs alongside Waihi Community Singers and Waihi Central School Senior Singers at the Waihi Baptist Church Auditorium, 7 pm on Friday 30 November, gold coin entry.

Waihi School of Dance has their concert at 7 pm on Saturday December 1 at Waihi Memorial Hall, with Peter Pan being performed by the dance school and the jazz dancers performing to some of today’s hits from radio. Always a great show.

The Dynamik Dance Show on December 15 at Waihi Memorial Hall from 6.30 pm, with Waihi Glee, Waihi Beach Hip Hop and Urban Dance from Te Puke also on stage. More details in the weeks to come, but as you can see there’s plenty of entertainment coming our way.

HERE’S A THOUGHT: On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key.