Update - August 23

Posted by Go Waihi on 23/08/2012

I’m still quite happily soaking up our success at the Olympics, and thinking how great it is to see all these athletes travelling the country to show off their medals to the towns and cities that they came from, and who have supported them in one way or another along the way. It’s also been nice to see the sun for a bit here and there, as we approach Spring, and daylight saving at the end of September.

With just 5 and a bit weeks until school breaks up for the term, Goldfest is getting closer. We have some neat things lined up across the month, with more coming in. If you have something on in October, or would like to do something, get in touch with me now, we’d love to add it into the mix of things happening. Whether it’s for the kids like give it a go sports days, the Big Gold Dig, and a Kiwi Olympic styled sports event, or more adult oriented like the Xterra Trail Challenge, Waikino Art Exhibition and Oktoberfest at Waitete, we want to include it if possible.

Waihi Playcentre invites you along to their Open Day on Saturday September 1st between 10.30 am and 1 pm. You’ll find them up the driveway beside Waihi Community Marae on Consols St. It’s a great setting and they’ve been busy with improvements they’d love you to see. Some of the families will be there for you to have a chat to about this free play centre that’s open for children from newborn through to school age. It’s about families growing together.

Next month’s BA5 we’ll catch up with our Waihi Ward Councillors. It’s been a busy time and it’s a chance to hear from them after almost two years in the job. We’ll have more details next week. And remember if your business would like to host a BA5 get in touch. It’s a good opportunity to show the business community what you do. It‘s quite surprising the different sorts of businesses on our doorstep.

Exhibit A is the story of a normal family disintegrating under financial pressure, eventually driven to the unimaginable. Seen through the family video that the daughter leaves recording, this so called happy family has a very dark side. This movie becomes Exhibit A. Screening on Saturday at 6.30 pm, it’s not suitable for children. It’s just a gold coin donation to get in and with limited seats at the Waihi Community Resource Centre, it would pay to book on 863 7555.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: When in doubt, make it sound convincing.