Tailings Storage Area

When the mining company rehabilitates this area we suggest that it has the potential to form a significant ecological area.

The provision of a predator-proof fence around its perimeter will allow the development of a significant reserve. Wetland areas could be developed. Included in this area could be such developments as a flax gene pool (with further development this could provide the raw material for a number of products), and continued development of the mining company's concept of KauriBank to return significant numbers of kauri to the area.

Partnerships with the Department of Conservation to develop breeding programmes are also possible.

Walkways throughout would provide access to flora and fauna and a 'tent & breakfast' camp could provide accommodation for visitors.

A 'freinds of Tiritiri-Matangi' style trust could be set up to develop and manage the area so that it becomes a 'community-owned' project.