Union Hill Area

This area is the first stop on the train from Pukewa Station. It has great historical significance as the site where ore from Martha Hill was processed until the commissioning of the Victoria Battery at Waikino. It has tremendous potential if the area is developed and managed thoughtfully.

We propose a Union Station Discovery Centre, Gift Store and cafe located adjacent to the railway line. This would be the entrance to the Union Hill Battery Heritage and Wildlife Park.

A predator-proof fence around the hill would allow the development of a flora and fauna reserve. A range of walkways is possible, in particular one linking to existing and proposed walkways along the Ohinemuri River and east towards the coast.

The historic remains of early gold mining activity must be managed in such a way as to preserve their integrity whilst also allowing public access. A summit lookout should be created at the top of Union Hill.

For more information on predator-proof fences and the discovery centre model see the appendices.