The following project proposals have been made by the listed interest groups as part of the Golden Legacy 2020 plan.

(Bronwyn Wightman)
1. Hot Pool Complex 2. Information Centre

(Ruth Ordish)
1. Union Hill Historic Area Reserve
2. Park in Slevin Street / Boundary Rd area
3. Black Hill and Tailings Hill Developments
4. Ohinemuri River

(Barry Maughan)
1. Kayaking, sailing, water related activities, abseiling & rock climbing
2. Guided mine tour for schools, Union Hill tour for schools
3. Guided walkways of varying lengths & purposes, interpretive signs & displays 4. Amenities for school groups
5. Education facility

(Eric Lens)
1. Heritage Map
2. Heritage Trust
3. Union Hill
4. Walkways
5. Pumphouse (Norm Schwarz, Eric Lens)
6. Museum (Cr. Don Lockwood)

Social Development
(Tessa Mackenzie)
1. Aroha/Whanaaki Learning Centre
2. Community House
3. Youth Worker
4. Social Development Coordinator

Social Impact
(Collette Spalding)
1. Timeline
2. Survey
3. Advocate

(Steve Moore)
1. Investigation towards a combined sporting facility

Tangata Whenua.
(John McIver)
1. Poupou with shelter and signage
2. Video/oral history
3. Grieving Ceremony(s)

(Mark Samson)
1. Ore Cart Transportation System
2. Interactive Gold Mining Discovery Centre
3. Earth Science Campus
4. Jewellery School
5. Conference Centre
6. Themed Theatre

Waihi Community Marae.
(Tui Cunningham)
1. Carvings, tukutuku panels & kowhaiwhai for Waihi Marae
2. Establishment of learning centre.

Youth Team.
(Holly Dove, Helen Shaw, Selena Small, Megan Bainbridge, Josh Martyn, Jarryd Rautenbach, Sophie Rosevear, Josh Garrett, Brendan Bullard-West)
1. Waihi Sign
2. Flatten the bunds for access to lake
3. Connection with Rainbows End Gold Rush
4. Park, wildlife reserve, forestry, kiwi house, tuatara house
5. Wind power generation
6. Enhanced interactive museum