Council Resolution - 28 November 02

THAT HDC request Newmont to establish a community consultation group without delay to examine any issues, plans, proposals for the Golden Legacy & to make recommendations to Council & Newmont, & to make information available to the public.


On 03 December 2002 at a community meeting it was proposed that Newmont Waihi enter into a consultation process with people of Waihi regarding Golden Legacy proposals for the future of Waihi.

A meeting was held to develop this idea further on 19 May 2003. It was attended by representatives of a large number of interest groups in Waihi and the general public, approximately 65 People in all.

At that meeting those present resolved to set up the Waihi Community Consultation Committee (WCCC). This was made up of 23 people representing 18 perspectives.

At the public meeting on 19 May 2003 it was resolved that the purpose of the WCCC is to:

“Liaise with and to make recommendations to, the mining company and the District and Regional Councils, on historic and current issues and future planning, to ensure:

  • A healthy future for Waihi;
  • The gaining and maintaining of positive relationships community wide;
  • The environmental, cultural, economic and social viability and stability of the area; and
  • The preservation and enhancement of the heritage of Waihi”.

Since then the WCCC has met regularly over the last 18 months. This publication is a summary of our proposals.