Newmont Waihi Gold has appreciated the opportunity to play an integral part in the Community Consultative Committee in cooperation with Hauraki District Council and members of the community. Over the last eighteen months we have shared a diverse range of views and gained a greater appreciation of the values and aspirations of community groups and individuals.

As part of the community of Waihi we have a stake in the future of the people and the district. We carry out our business here. Our employees and contractors live, work and play here.

It is our intention to maintain our active role in the community and to continue our support of the WCCC as it moves into the next phase of developing into a self-sustaining group that will drive the investigation and implementation of a variety of projects designed to secure and enhance the future of the town and wider district.

Adriaan van Kersen
General Manager
Newmont Waihi Gold Limited


It is a great joy to participate in a project of re-creation, of looking as far into the future as possible and then working toward that vision - a vision of new possibilities and opportunities for life and living - beyond mining.

The WCCC has been a process of conjuring up first dreams and imaginative ideas, and then developing them for the benefit of the community in which we live. The chance to think beyond the day to day has enabled a wonderful montage of possibilities for the future of Waihi; possibilities drawn from so many people.

The committee members have worked to include experiences from throughout the community, and to develop these for the benefit of the whole range of Waihi interests. We anticipate more ideas, more possibilities, and the challenge now is to take those and steadily move to fulfil them. Please consider these projects, and bring us your thoughts and experiences. They will be valued.

Thank you to everyone for the chance to participate in such a wonderful opportunity. We look forward to the stages of implementation and realisation of the dreams of a whole community.

Ruth Ordish
WCCC Environmental Representative