At a public meeting on the 19th of May 2003, the Waihi Community Consultation Committee was formed, made up of 23 people nominated from the community. The journey since that first meeting has been amazing. It has been exciting that such a diverse range of interests has been brought together and continues to be represented. Our collective challenge has been to marry the ideas brought to the Committee into a cohesive proposal and to keep all interests on board. It is to the credit of each and every one of the committee members that they have succeeded in doing so.

The WCCC's original mission has been fulfilled. Recommendations for the community's vision for Waihi in the year 2020 have been made to Hauraki District Council and Newmont Waihi Gold and have received a very positive response.

The WCCC are a committed group of people who are determined to see the “Vision” they have created brought to fruition. With encouragement from HDC and NWG to continue in their role, the WCCC have now formed a working group to look at the twin tasks of implementing the projects and forming a suitable entity to oversee the future of the projects as they are developed.

We consider it a privilege to work with such a dedicated group of people committed to an improved future for Waihi. Each stage in the process is a milestone. This booklet both encompasses the success achieved so far and recognises how much work there is still to do.

From the beginning of this process it has been our commitment to include all views and to foster the involvement of every sector of Waihi's community. It is our intention to continue to do so. Your ideas and your support for the work that is being done towards a better future for Waihi would be greatly appreciated.

Tim and Sharon
WCCC Facilitators


Congratulations to all those who were involved in putting this material together.

The Chinese have a saying which goes, “May you live in interesting times.” The interesting times that will be generated by these proposals look to me to promise something quite different.

I am amazed and exhilarated by the exciting challenges that the people of Waihi have put before us here and the tremendously positive view of the future that they present. Any community that can work through the issues of a declining economic future and can come up with proposals for its survival of such an innovative and vibrant nature deserves the full support of local government and others to make the dream come true.

The challenge is for us all to work together to ensure that as much of the vision as possible is realized.

B J Morrison CNZM, JP

The WCCC is a committed group of people, determined to see the “Vision” they have created brought to fruition. It has taken a huge amount of effort, patience and perseverance from all involved to get to this point and we acknowledge the dedication and the focus of the Committee members.