Waihi Play Centre

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play centre

Time: 4 morning sessions per week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 9.30am -12.00pm.

Location: Corner of Consols and Victoria Streets, Waihi

Waihi Play centre caters for children from birth to school age.

They offer three initial visits prior to enrolling and do not charge a fee for families to attend the Centre. In exchange, they actively encourage all of their parents to participate in free Adult Parent Play centre Education and take a role in the running of their sessions and in the management of the Centre. Parent Education empowers parents as first and best educators of their own children. A parent cooperative is like being in an extended family, a community that offers a supportive environment during the early childhood stage of family life. Everyone is welcome to go along and learn alongside their children through play.

Call in and visit them, stay for a coffee and play.

Contact: 027 464 2667