Waihi Drama Society - The Game’s Afoot

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the games afoot

Dates: Thursday 5 May, 2016 -
Saturday 14 May, 2016

Location: The Theatre in Boyd Road

Cost: $20 - tickets at Waihi i-site

No beating about the bush, Waihi Drama Society have been rehearsing a real who dunnit?! If you want a laugh out loud great night out then Ken Ludwig’s ‘The Game’s Afoot’ will do the trick. A murder, no body, no weapon, an actor who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes and a detective who thinks she’s an actor all adds up to a great show for all ages. Watch for clues, be prepared for a twist or two, and get your tickets at Waihi i-site. On from 5th to 14th May with a couple of matinees as well this is good entertainment for $20