GO Waihi - Upcoming Events from www.waihi.org.nz http://www.waihi.org.nz/about-us/waihi-s-walkways/ Events in and around the Waihi region. Go Waihi, Waihi, New Zealand. Waihi’s Warm Up Party for Beach Hop http://www.waihi.org.nz/events/waihi-s-warm-up-party-for-beach-hop/ Date: <strong>27 March 2019</strong><br />Put a ring around Wednesday 27 March and head for Waihi for the day. If hot rods and classic cars are your thing you’ll be in seventh heaven. And if not you’re well catered for with a good variety of entertainment, bands playing through town, a ton of shops with... Thu, 09 Feb 2012 20:55:41 +1300 http://www.waihi.org.nz/events/waihi-s-warm-up-party-for-beach-hop/ ECHO Walking Festival http://www.waihi.org.nz/events/echo-walking-festival/ Date(s): <strong>6 April 2019 - 28 April 2019</strong><br />Walk the walk and talk the talk is a good description. Guides will take you and talk you through the history surrounding the walk. ECHO Walking Festival is on between April 6 and 28 and it’s free too, unless there’s a charge for transport of course. A good selection of... Wed, 01 Feb 2012 09:17:10 +1300 http://www.waihi.org.nz/events/echo-walking-festival/ ART Waikino http://www.waihi.org.nz/events/art-waikino/ Date(s): <strong>26 October 2019 - 28 October 2019</strong><br />Annual fundraiser for the community hall. Sun, 24 Jul 2011 14:16:43 +1200 http://www.waihi.org.nz/events/art-waikino/