Waihi Heritage Vision

One of the visions of Waihi Community Vision was to form a group to identify, research, record and preserve the valuable heritage of Waihi and the surrounding district.

Waihi Heritage Vision

Waihi Heritage Vision, or the 'Heritage Group' as it has become more commonly known, was formed as an incorporated society to further this aim.

The group aims to work towards the restoration, preservation and protection of our natural and built heritage in such a way that we can honour the past and at the same time use it to contribute to the cultural and economic future of Waihi.

The group is currently developing strategies based around built and natural heritage features, and has the parallel aims of 'winning hearts and minds' in the community through positive attitude change while also making effective submissions to Council through the District Plan and LTCCP.

Guidance, inspiration and proactive protection are needed to make significant progress. To this end the group is working on the development of strong relationships with Newmont Waihi Gold, Hauraki District Council, Waihi Museum and a range of local interest groups.

For more information on the group and its projects contact:

Kit Wilson

E: kit@kestral.co.nz