Waihi Community Vision

At a public meeting on the 19th of May 2003, the Waihi Community Consultation Committee was formed, made  up of 23 people nominated from the community. The journey since that first meeting has been amazing. It has been exciting that such a diverse range of interests has been brought together and continues to be represented.

The collective challenge has been to marry the ideas brought to the Committee into a cohesive proposal and to keep all interests on board.

The WCCC's original mission has been fulfilled. Recommendations regarding the community's 20/20 vision for  Waihi have been made to Hauraki District Council and Newmont Waihi Gold and have received a very positive response.

The Chinese have a saying which goes, “May you live in interesting times.” The interesting times that will be generated by these proposals promise something quite different.

The challenge is for us all to work together to ensure that as much of the vision as possible is realized.

The WCCC is now known as the Waihi Community Vision (WCV). The group meets regularly throughout the  year to receive updates on the 20/20 Vision projects and to explore new ways in which it can contribute to a  prosperous future for Waihi.

See our online 20-20 document.

For more information:

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Vision Waihi Trust

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