GO Waihi

Our Mission Statement:

'To promote the Waihi area, successfully and professionally, as an attractive and unique place to live, work and visit.'

The History behind Go Waihi

The Waihi area boundaries, as referred to in the plan, include Whiritoa Beach, Waikino, Karangahake Gorge, Waimata and Waihi.

GO Waihi was formed in 1997, in an effort to revitalise the central business district and to provide a stimulus to improve the economic viability of our town. This was done through a Mainstreet programme in Waihi which was under the guidance of the Hauraki District Council and through events and promotions.

GO Waihi's objective is to help put the ingredients together, to increase visitor numbers by marketing and promoting the Waihi area to a wider audience. GO Waihi is the marketing arm for tourism in the Waihi area.

As GO Waihi's focus has changed, so has the co-ordinator`s role. It involves a wide range of activities, from preparing marketing material for the Waihi area, planning and discussing tourism initiatives, to writing sponsorship proposals and managing events.


Kerry Single


P: 07 863 3030
E: info@waihi.org.nz